People on deh subway be lookin'.....at your ugly boots!!

I always feel so defeated when winter comes around, and I'm forced to wear my big ol' winter boots.
Sure my feet are dry, and yeah - I still have all ten of my toes!
When you think about it, the "boot industry" must be a pretty tough place to make a living, as I've only really ever seen a handful of boots that I would rather wear than puke in!
Every morning, as I get ready to go to work, I usually put some amount of effort into my appearance - only to have it completely destroyed by the hideous things on my feet.....
The other three seasons of the year are fantastic. You have sandals when it's warm out. You have rubber boots when it's raining, and you have running shoes when you want to appear like you go to the gym as a career.
Warm, non-boot wearing weather cannot come soon enough.

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