My February Glymm Box

Glymm is skating on some thin ice in my books....I'm going to give them another month or so to try and redeem themselves (I'm also hoping that maybe if I can hang on until the summer monthes, that I'll be able to bulk up in the bougie sunscreen department)
This is what the company scrounged up for this month's shipment:

GLAMGLOW Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask

I'm holding off on using this itty-bitty sample, who's full-size counterpart costs $78. I've been suckered into thinking I neeeeeeeeeed a product I tried out via Glymm before, so I'm waiting for a day when I'm holed up at home, with dry flaky skin. Fingers crossed it secretly sucks!!

Burt's Bees
Tinted Lip Balm

Thanks Glymm, I'm really glad I shell out $10/month to have something delivered to my house that I could pick up myself in shitty Parkdale?! I'M TRYING TO ABSORB A BIT MORE CULTURE THROUGH YOUR SERVICE, NOT IDENTIFY THE PRODUCTS THAT I ALREADY KNOW ARE AVAILABLE TO ME....NEEEEXXXTTTTTT!!!!

Sula Smoke and Mirrors Eye Shadow
When you first sign up for Glymm, they have you fill out this extensive "what does beauty mean to me?" survey to get a feel for what kind of products to send you. I'm glad they have their finger on the pulse, and were able to pinpoint my love for shimmery, silver eyeshadow (blech!) - maybe I wasn't clear enough in my descriptions of
I don't recall ever mentioning that I wanted to emulate a disco hoe from the 90s rave scene (in the face)

Mai Couture 2-in-1 Oil Blotting-Bronzing Papier
Boy am I relieved that a product has surfaced that not only caters to the "shiny in the face" crowd (way to get it right again, Glymm!) but to those that envy that"St. Tropez in the dead of February" look.
And don't even get me started on how they're trying to class up their version of waxed paper w/ some bronzer sprayed onto it as "papier".
Not to mention that you'll be paying $24 if you become an addict of this weird product.

I'm out.....

APM update

In regards to My 29 before 30 challenge I've made for myself:

1. Finally visit New York City - plans are in motion to visit in April (fingers crossed)
2. Conquer my debt! - I've started a financial journal to track my spending, and so far it's worked the same way a food journal hits me - I'm afraid to write down that I had the balls to spend $50 on hair product, SO I AVOID IT ALL TOGETHER! No success yet on whittling down my debt, but I haven't been adding to it, which is a start!
3. Complete Couch to 5k app
4. Run a 5k
5. Take a creative writing course - I've registered for a few classes through Writers Village University - the first one (entitled Writing Boosters-Story Starters #1)starts tomorrow
6. Take an improv comedy class - Investigating my options, but will probably settle on going to a few drop-in classes at Second City...waiting for a friend brave enough to try it with me!
7. Wear all the makeup/high heels that I own! - I have actively been trying to wear more makeup at work, but eyeshadow still scares the crap out of me, and I refuse to wear it outside of my bathroom. The high heel part of the deal - notsomuch….I'm having an operation on my toe tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be teetering around the city before summer hits
8. Make a new friend - helllllooooo!???!?!?!!
9. Read at least one book a month - SO FAR SO GOOD!! I'm almost done the second book from The Hunger Games (don't judge - they're a quick, and painless read), and I've signed out a whack load from the library (Jessica Mitford's "American Way of Death", Francesca Lia Block's "Pink Smog", and a few how-to's relating to Comedy Writing that go along with my creative writing courses I'm taking online)
10. Visit Anna in CA - If there are deals of flights (even if I have to haul my ass to Buffalo), SEND 'EM MY WAY!!!
11. Throw 2nd annual American Thanksgiving celebration
12. Make a hard cover book of our wedding photos - Groupon purchased! I even bought an extra one to throw all of our Riviera Maya photos into!
13. Take my etsy site more seriously, and update at least once every 2 months
14. Learn to have a more positive outlook in my day to day life
15. Become a Big Sister of Toronto - this is proving more difficult than I had expected…I sent in an application, got a generic email bounce back telling me that the only location where Big Sisters were being accepted was in the bowels of Scarborough. I'm not giving up, but I'm feeling slightly defeated at the moment
16. PORTION CONTROL! - Done and done! Just don't catch me on a day where I'm feeling sorry for myself as I may accidentally drown my sorrows in the largest Butter Chicken Roti I can find
17. (as mentioned earlier) Do not buy one article of clothing unless 100% necessary - I HAVE 100% BEEN ON THIS, AND IT'S THE MOST LIBERATING THING! I think it's safe to say it has changed the way I shop all together
18. Take a hip hop dance class (and stop dancing awkwardly at weddings!)
19. Learn how to do a tarot card reading
20. Have the forethought to make Christmas presents for people in 2012
21. Post on my blog at least once a week - I think I'll hit my stride by March/April…I'm too bogged down in watching Six Feet Under
22. Host a board game night
23. Frame everything that's hanging on our walls
24. Keep an offline journal - I'm going to give myself a bit of a break here, and I've successfully started keeping both a food, and finance journal…my shitty emotions can take a back seat while I sort through my other problems, no?!
25. Lose 25lbs - 8.2lbs down, and 16.8lbs to go!
26. Learn how to paint
27. Overcome my dislike for Bikram yoga
28. Visit a psychic
29. Find out more about my dad's elusive childhood


My January Glymm Box (Never Too Late)

Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloth
The beginning of January had me busily preparing for our trip to the Riviera Maya, and I found it interesting that one of my first instincts while packing was "THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO USE THE HUNDREDS OF SAMPLES YOU'VE BEEN FEVERISHLY COLLECTING, DUMMY!"
After your vacation is said and done who in their right mind wants to lug back a gigantic tub of face cream that now has the slight hint (aka painful reminder) of beach attached to it?!

Vasanti Cosmetics BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
This is exactly what I was looking forward to after getting home from the vacation!
After a week in the glaring sun, my skin was screaming at me, and I was looking forward to giving this product a whirl.
(And secretly between you and I, I'm obsessed with anything labelled as a "skin brightener" - it's wordsmithing at it's finest!)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel
This is one of those products that falls under the category of "Alexis has always been too cheap to take the plunge". And I'm happy to say that I'm going to continue to be a stingy-assed skimp, because this felt like I was putting hair gel in my eyebrows.
If you knew high school Alexis, you may have had a slight glimpse into the life of my eyebrows.
Suffice it to say the brows and I have had a tumultuous relationship.

Cargo Cosmetics Eye Pencil
Yadda yadda yadda - add this to the pile of eye pencils I don't know how to use.
It's black, and it'll probably come in handy around Halloween....NNEEEXXTTTT!

Burt's Bees Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion

If I was an iPhone...

All available on Society6


Craigslist Missed Connections - My Favourite So Far

We danced together at the bar last weekend, after my BFF requested "Yeah."

You had spiky highlights and a shiny shirt.

I was the girl with the chunky hi-lites (just got 'em!) and the tank top that says "I Heart Justin."

You said you thought my ruffled skirt & stiletto flip-flops were sexy even though some bicth in the bathroom called me fat.

Your a good dancer, and I thought you looked like Chad Michael Murray but that may have been the blow job shots talking. But I don't care! Let's grind again, hottie. talk 2 u lata!



Full blog post shortly about my mishaps and triumphs in Mexico!