Kindel Furniture

What you're about to see may register as the most bland, uninviting, run of the mill stuff that you could put in your home, but to me, the clean lines, fresh colour combinations, impeccable visitation of my favourite furniture eras, and the fact that it's not second-hand REALLY appeal to me! All I need now is a job that pays double what I'm making (not to mention the ability to not spill shit on anything white, the moment I walk into a room), and I'm set to buy the furniture of my dreams.
all photos c/o http://www.kindelfurniture.com/

Hazel Cabinet

Serafina Side Chair

Mayflower Bed

Dorothy Draper's Console and Curio

Draper Slipper Chair

Stella Lounge Chair


Maria Bamford

Do yourself a favour and watch as many episodes as you can handle at a time (my favourites predominantly feature her 11 year-old pug, Blossom)


I celebrated the anniversary of the ice cream sundae HARD yesterday

Long time no see, troops!

Here are the top 10 things that've been keeping me awake these days:

Stella McCartney fruit prints

Her outfit! HER OUTFIT!!!!!

Cycling to Niagara Falls this summer

This dreamboat of a shoe from Heavy Machine

This bedroom in New Mexico (c/o Design For Mankind)

Black Matte French Manicures

Looking forward to our ride on the Bucking Bronco

(Rest assured that I'll blog the shit out of that experience!)

Visiting the Cherry Blossoms in High Park

FREE TACOS!!!!!!!!!

Taco Bell presents free Taco Week in Canada from April 7th to 13th (During 3pm to 6pm)

I'M ADDICTED TO OZ!!!! I just finished Season 3, and I'm nervous what I will occupy my time with once the end of Season 6 arrives!!