By Paige

My mom used to christen the summer months by presenting child-aged Alexis with a crisp pair of white keds, that had affectionately been adorned with hand-painted strawberries.
When "back to school" would roll around, it would be time to chuck the worn, no longer white shoes - but I can honestly say that (for a few years, at least), I eagerly anticipated the next year's pair.

I am reminiscing about those days when looking at these embroidered loafers:

Perhaps it's time to unearth the tradition, and crack open the acrylic paints this weekend...


Money Can Start Raining From The Sky Anytime

My mother called me in a panic the other night, saying that I should turn on the television, and get in touch with whoever this genius was that was being interviewed.

Best intentions aside, I remember not too long ago being the kid in public school wearing the oxford shirt, penny loafers, and below-the-knee khaki shorts at recess.

Or the time a few Christmases ago when she was trying to convince me that a linen pant suit would get me where I want to be, career-wise.

My mom and I don't see eye-to-eye on much, so I was convinced that whoever had piqued my mom's interest would be a total waste of time.

Turns out it was Shannon, the mastermind behind the Barter Babes Project.

As suggested, I shot an email off (as I'm sure thousands of other women who had seen the same newscast), and was surprised to hear back from her within 24 hours!

Shannon's goal is simple, to demystify anything and everything to do with finance.
My newfound empanada making skills are being put to the test, as I'm trading her a few dozen for her sound advice when it comes to my financial future - NO BIGGIE!

Hopefully, 5 years from now I will be out of debt, and surrounded by the following:

Lofty goals?
Maybe...but dreaming about it is a hell of a lot more fun than eating beans (again!) in the dark, sobbing about how you suck at life/money, no?!