We can all strive to be better people....

We're almost 3 months into 2011, and I can already chalk up 2-3 failures (365 project, quitting my guitar classes, and not sticking 100% to my new eating habits), but I refuse to take that as a "don't try new things - you're just going to quit!" sign.

1. The 365 project is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, when I first decided to give it a whirl. The truth is, I don't do exciting, photo-worthy things everyday. Sure I could take pictures of the cat day in, day out, but I wanted this project to get me out of the house, and experience more of life that was worth taking pictures of. But the more time passed, the more I realized that my day-to-day life is quite steady, and repetitive. Maybe once the warmer weather picks up, I'll be a bit more adventurous, but as of right now, I doubt that you'd want to see my desk/lunch/workout regime/seat on the streetcar. EVEN I'M READY FOR A BIT OF A REFRESHER!

2. Guitar (night school) classes at Central Tech.
I wanted to like it - I tried for 3 weeks before the bad outweighed the good. In the end, the teacher stunk, the class was too big, and my hands fell victim to being sensitive, winter hands that couldn't take the heat (or lack thereof). Sorry world, my musical prowess will have to stay bottled up for the time being. These hands just weren't meant to shred.

3. I've been "reubenesque" my whole life. Never has a day gone by where I've been 100% care-free in my own skin. I'm a pretty confident person, but it sucks when all that's standing in the way is your huge gut. I can also say that for the better part of my life, I've tried to stay as physically active as I can. There comes a tipping point every year or so where I get so fed up w/ my appearance that I try a new activity (and my fingers are crossed that THIS one will finally be the thing that makes me a size 8).
At the beginning of this year, I made a deal with myself that I would get in touch with a dietitian, and finally try and nip this thing in the bud for good.
Phone calls were made, and a meal plan came shortly after. I bought the shitty whey powder, I stocked up on stinky b complex vitamins, but when everyone around you is enjoying what they're eating - IT'S REALLY TOUGH TO STICK TO WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE EATING!
I think I have the exercise-side of life figured out - but I'm still working out the kinks when it comes to pizza vs. salad.
I'm not giving up, but I definitely can try harder, so this is me reminding myself of that.

Sorry for this being a total downer of a blog post.
I too would much rather look at sloths, Internet fashion, and shitty YouTube rappers.
I'll follow this up with something great, I promise!




Fingers Crossed

Even though this is considered "Fall 2011," this Ready to Wear collection is exactly what I want to wear if the weather were a titch warmer (and y'know...if it came in my size!)


【ELLE SHOP】【予約販売】シルクバイカラーノースリーブブラウスアイボリー|プランピーナッツ(Plumpynuts)|ファッション通販..., 31,500 JPY
Asymmetric Swimsuit, $820
Cacharel shorts BLUE, 168 GBP
J Platform Sandals - Nude - A3201, $635
Gepa Napa Gaufre Zip-Around Wallet, $555
Rope Gold Medium Hinge Bracelet, $350
DELFINA DELETTREZ 1.96 Carats Mounted Cognac Diamond 18k Gold Ring
4K Gold Plated and Black Double Sunburst Necklace, 80 GBP
Ruby Dust Pave Button Clip Earring, $148
J Hartmann Reserve Belting Leather PASSPORT COVER, $45
Lucia Summer Safari/Gold Metal, $280
Yves Saint Laurent 'Rouge Volupte Pearl' Lipstick, $34
Hampton Sun SPF 30 Lotion 4 oz, $35
Nail Polish - Arabesque, $17
Scoopmodels.com: Paula Sundberg


Keep on chuggin'

I didn't really mean for this to be an on-going thing, but having to photograph items on the back of my toilet meant that it needed to be spotlessly clean...you see, by doing these kinds of posts, it's indirectly FORCING me to deep clean my house - so in the efforts of having a spotless abode, BRING IT ON!!
What else do y'all want to see?!
This episode I have titled "If you run into me on the streetcar in the morning, these are the following items that have helped me along (as of 8:30am):

Argan Oil

Remember a while back when everyone was going ape shit for Moroccan Oil?! Yours truly had a moment or two of justifying spending a good chunk of her pay cheque on hair care, but reality kicked in, and I needed a financially responsible substitute. Welcome, Argan Oil! It has all the fancy qualities of Moroccan Oil, at like...a quarter of the price!

Nivea Face Cream

You've already heard me yammer on about my grandmother's cashmere face thanks to this stuff, so I'll stop myself. It's the best, and doves will mistake your face for heaven when they land on it.


Everyday when I look in the mirror, there is at least ONE hair on my head that is out of place, and annoying the shit out of me - enter scissors.

The Crystal

Long story short: hippie dad introduced me. The weird relationship I had with body odour disappeared the moment I learned how to use this thing. Let's not talk about the embarrassing story involving me not knowing you have to wet the Crystal before applying it to you underarms for the first week of our relationship. whoops!

Idole D'Armani

WELL LA-DEE-DAH, I HAVE A FULL TIME JOB AND CAN BUY A NICE THING OR TWO EVERY BLUE MOON! Truth is: I really hate suuuuper floral fragrances, and if I smell one more vanilla fragrance, I'm going to hurl!


I'm like a loaded dad who buys their kid ponies...

Please let me introduce you to my top 5 items that help my body get through the winter months
(and in turn, show you the slightest bit of my all pink, teenage girl dream bathroom):

Item the first: Badger Balm

Got a rough patch? It'll smooth it out! Feel like your lips are about to fall off your face, and there's no chapstick in sight? It'll be your siren's song!

The deuce: Frizz Ease Secret Weapon

I came to a screeching realization a few years ago that I'll never be one of those people who spends gobs of money on their hair. So why bother with expensive products that will maayybbee make my hair look fantastic, but will not allow me the opportunity to order a pizza once in a while, because I'm FLAT ASS BROKE?!?!

TRES: Nivea First Kiss Lip Balm (way to have a twitter account, yo!)

Growing up, the only beauty secret that I knew of my grandmother's was that she STRICTLY used Nivea products. Now, when I say my grandmother was a total babe, I'm not just saying that because she was my grandma - I'm preaching the truth! My hopes are that I have some of her wicked skin genes, and that I'll ease into my retirement years w/ drop dead gorgeous skin. FINGERS CROSSED!

Vier: Burt's Bees Hand Salve

My father is one of those refined hippies that has a well paying job, and an SUV. Every Christmas, he fills our stockings with products that I guarantee, no other child gets! Take for example (if you will) this years haul: a mini frying pan fit for one egg, a deodorant crystal, and a "picture a day" calendar about the history of shoes. I LOVE YOU, DAD! YOU'LL BE HAPPY TO KNOW I'M FINALLY GETTING AROUND TO USING THE HAND SALVE YOU GOT ME!

5ive: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

Did I ever tell you about the time I thought it'd be a bright idea to get acrylic nails?! I wish that I had a crew following me around to document my every move for about a week following that experience. Every movement, from taking my wallet out of my bag, to buttoning my jeans in the morning was complete AGONY! When the time came to remove my Flo Jo's, I was horrified to learn that my temporary claws had left my own wee nails underneath brittle, bendy, and unfit to enter into a social situation. This product took care of that problem lickety split.


Guys, I can't even apologize for the degree of lazy I've been these past few weeks!!
I can't even really excuse myself for being "busy" - because:

a) it's winter (what the hell am I doing other than watching The Bachelor, and continuing on my eternal quest to shed lbs. at the gym?)

b) the only new hobby I've taken up is guitar lessons (and I can already tell you that I'm ready to quit)
Unfortunately I was blessed with one of those mentalities of "if I'm not a pro at this sport/activity/lifestyle/hairdo in half an hour, I'M OVER IT!!!"

Can I tell you something that did shake up my robust social sched. as of late?!?!

As in any sport, it's important to keep up-to-date w/ the latest athletes who're rising above, and "snappin' necks and/or cashing cheques"

Please let me introduce you to ROBOSAURUS.

He's just your average 42 foot tall, car eating dinosaur!


A Demolition Derby is key to any sporting event that features dirt, truck exhaust, fire, and beer!

(please excuse this last photo - it was taken out of sheer horror that there are doofuses THIS EXTREME that would go to the lengths of dressing up like skids to "shock" the legion of fans that attend the Monster Trucks.
I hope they realize they stuck out like sore thumbs, and just reeked of "mom topped up my chequeing account, so my bros and I are going out on the town!"