This post is kind of a bummer, but it's been floating around in my mind for a while, so I won't be offended if you're not a fan of my opinions

After reading this article on why culture is more often bound to thrive in an urban setting, it got me thinking as to why I live in Toronto.

It's invigorating to live in the same city as some of the most creative and inspiring individuals, but it's also infuriating to have to put up with some of the egos that're associated with their grandeur.

I was drawn downtown for several reasons:

a) it's proximity to where I grew up, which gave me a huge sense of security
b) being able to befriend like-minded people with similar interests and goals

I was awe struck for my first few years as a Toronto resident.

I found myself going out 6 nights a week, having dinner with friends at 3 in the morning, biking home totally wasted (an activity no longer endorsed by PIZZA LUVR), and experiencing cultural events that wouldn't have been available to me otherwise.

But soon enough, the magic started to wear off, and I started to become aware of how selfish some people were.

It's a great feeling to know as many people in a city as humanly possible, but I've learned that friendship means different things to different people:

- I've attended "dance parties" with the sole purpose of the event being to pay the host's rent

- I've had to justify leaving weekday events "BUT IT'S NOT EVEN LAST CALL!" because of having to work the next morning - who knew that having a full-time office job (with a penchant for 8 hours of sleep a night) would make you such a social leper?

- Trying to forge relationships with individuals who live non-committal, 100% unreliable lifestyles

To those that've experienced me in a social setting, you're aware that I can come across as a bit of a bitch - and it's because I don't know how to read most people.

I've distanced myself from certain friends over the years, and I've given everything I can to hold onto others.

There are still parts of Toronto that I absolutely adore, and I'll continue to live in the city (until our mayor inevitably blows it up) - but it's interesting to see how my agenda has changed.

I apologize for the serious words, and to regain my credibility as a blogger, please read this article about the elusive butt slasher (presumably roaming around America - WATCH OUT U.S.A.)

(photo c/o www.mileanhour.com)


My December Glymm Box!

I'll be 100% honest - I was really looking forward to what Glymm would do for their subscribers with the December box.
Seeing as there are holiday parties left, right, and center, I was expecting a little something extra with this month's arrival.
Don't get me wrong...

Yves Saint Laurent La Parisienne

Ever wonder what happens to all of the magazine perfume samples from fashion magazines? If you're like me, you rip out the intriguing (expensive) ones, and stash them away for some important event where the 3 perfumes you already own just won't do. Inevitably however, you end up with a mountain of expired, opened by the hands of time (and the expiration of the adhesive holding it together) junk.
Thanks Glymm for introducing me to the world of wee perfume samples in fancy glass bottles!
Look out for me on an upcoming episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive.
I'll be the broad buried under sample size containers of beauty products.

Ahava Mineral Hand Cream

I have unnaturally sweaty hands. Remind me to tell you about the time in grade 4, during a rehearsal for a school play, I had to shake Mr. Bain's hand. And instead of taking my sweaty hand in stride (like a true gentleman), he recoiled in disgust and quite audibly told the whole gym that my hands were SWWEEAAATTTTTYYYY!!!!
What I'm trying to say is - hand cream and I aren't meant to be pals.
The second I apply, the phone inevitably rings, or the cat wants attention.
I know I should moisturize (for fear of having fruit leather hands at 40), but until it becomes a dire situation, my hands will uncomfortably moisturize themselves thanks!

Caudalie Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask

This one product redeems the fact that they sent me sparkly pink lip gloss. I'm saving this for my vacation in late January (looking forward to being that dick on the streetcar who has a tan in February), but I can already tell you that as I age this product will become more and more prevalant in my skincare regime. Thanks to Glymm, Caudalie products have made a definite (positive) impact on me, and without even trying this product, I can safely give it an A+ for making my skin look a hell of a lot healthier than it actually is.

Sula Beauty Natural Lip Gloss

Does anyone have a teen daughter/sister/niece that needs a stocking stuffer?


29 before 30

So I'm turning the big 3-0 in 2012...and I figured I'd make a list of goals to accomplish before the year's end - HERE GOES:

1. Finally visit New York City
2. Conquer my debt!
3. Complete Couch to 5k app
4. Run a 5k
5. Take a creative writing course
6. Take an improv comedy class
7. Wear all the makeup/high heels that I own!
8. Make a new friend
9. Read at least one book a month
10. Visit Anna in CA
11. Throw 2nd annual American Thanksgiving celebration
12. Make a hard cover book of our wedding photos
13. Take my etsy site more seriously, and update at least once every 2 months
14. Learn to have a more positive outlook in my day to day life
15. Become a Big Sister of Toronto
17. (as mentioned earlier) Do not buy one article of clothing unless 100% necessary
18. Take a hip hop dance class (and stop dancing awkwardly at weddings!)
19. Learn how to do a tarot card reading
20. Have the forethought to make Christmas presents for people in 2012
21. Post on my blog at least once a week
22. Host a board game night
23. Frame everything that's hanging on our walls
24. Keep an offline journal
25. Lose 25lbs
26. Learn how to paint
27. Overcome my dislike for Bikram yoga
28. Visit a psychic
29. Find out more about my dad's elusive childhood

Who doesn't want another wishlist?

Christmas is approaching, and things have been pretty slow at work (which leaves me with a lot of "researching" to do) - here are my findings:

A Grilled Pork Banh Mi Sandwich for the 365 days ahead of me in 2012!(they're my new "thing", so please bear with me....)

Sephora's Deluxe Fragrance Sampler

ASOS AMOS Velvet Chelsea Ankle Boots in Navy

Tokyo Milk "Excess" from the Femme Fatale Collection

This Dannijo necklace ($945 later....)

A dream chandelier to hang over my dream tub!

All wishing aside, I really don't need a thing.
I'll even let you in on one of my New Year's Resolutions (which isn't saying much, as I don't think I've ever stuck it out with one):
- to not purchase even ONE item of clothing unless it is 100% necessary (i.e. crotch rips in pants which would require immediate replacement)

I'm hoping that I can actually make this resolution work, as I have a plentiful mountain of clothes that I've carefully curated over the years - TIME TO PUT IT TO GOOD USE, PALS!
I think I might also take another kick at the can with that 365 project I attempted last year.
Am I crazy to still believe in the good ol' tradition of having New Year's Resolutions?


Disclaimer: Art and I aren't related

I have no technical knowledge when it comes to art/photography/that side of the cultural spectrum.
I do however, know what I like - and thought I'd chuck my current favourites up on this here cyber cork board, to remind myself:




from left to right:
(as if I need incentive to buy ANOTHER pair of shoes that'll just end up sitting with the others?!)

I'm quickly becoming a LW convert - last month saw me praising their lip pencil, and now I'm complimenting this serum to hell and back (I've been on this skin care kick lately because I think I woke up one morning last week after downing a bag of Doritos and feared that my face was in perma-bloat mode - this product reminded me that you only get nice skin when you work at it - unless you're one of those angel skinned bitches who best not be sitting next to me at brunch on a hungover Sunday)

I'm keeping this product in my aresnal for my tropical vacation in late January - I have a sincere hatred for hotel toiletries, and will need handfuls of products to make me feel even slightly able to combat whatever Mexico feels like throwing at my skin/hair.
Glymm is trying to make me believe that Gwyneth Paltrow is devoted to this product to keep her boring hair radiantly bland.

I went to a makeup workshop this weekend (to try and better understand what it's like to have a comfortably made up face), and she really drilled it home that it's not so much about the makeup you put on your face, as it is the quality of skin that the makeup is going onto.
I already have a pretty intense skincare regime, but having this product show up on my doorstep just kicked it up another notch!
I highly recommend this as a "damn it's cold out, if only there was a concoction that made my skin feel less horrific while standing outside waiting for the streetcar" cream.
I FELT LIKE A MILLION BUCKS (with bed head, and sleepies in my eyes)!

For some reason, fashion magazines/bloggers latch onto particular products and don't let go until they've promoted the shit out of it - and in the case of RGB Nail Lacquer, I don't quite understand the hype.
It's nail polish, plain and simple.
Glymm was smart about it and didn't send me an unflattering colour - but nothing about the brand wanted to make me strip off my current nail polish (SALLY HANSEN THAT'S ON SALE AT SHOPPER'S DRUG MART - HAAAIII), and cover my nails in luxury....I'll probably end up putting this in my mom's Christmas stocking.
Sorry, RGB - but the fact that you've collaborated with Urban Outfitters actually makes me kind of hate you even more.

Let's be honest - I'm terrified to try this product.
It's something about the words GEL and EYELINER that make me cringe, and have me imagining myself crippled over the sink screaming in pain because I doused my eyeball with "smudge gel"....fingers crossed that I have two operational eyeballs for the holidays!


2 horse posts in one month - I'm done now!

Eric Lamaze's equestrian career has certainly had it's ups and downs, and despite my negative opinion towards his work ethics (more on that later), I'm only human, and am deeply moved by his recent misfortunes in regards to the death of his Olympic gold medal mount, Hickstead.

There's actual footage of Hickstead's death floating around on YouTube, and I can only imagine how horrifying it would have been for the crowd in attendance.
I will never be able to bring myself to watch that footage, nor would I ever want to.

Back when I was in over my head horse crazy, Eric Lamaze was a god.
He was a young, studly Canadian Olympian who I adored - then this happened:


As a former equestrian with limited funds (which is the eternal "running up the down escalator"), I was offended that someone would take an opportunity like this for granted.
He had the world in his hands (sponsors, his pick of the best horses in the world, the ability to do this for a LIVING), and he selfishly chose partying over a career.
I was furious that someone would squander a lifestyle that so many could only dream of (myself included).

What made me even more irate was when the country welcomed him back with open arms a few years later, as if nothing had ever happened.
WAKE UP, IDIOTS - he basically flips you the bird by choosing cocaine over the responsibility of representing his country at the Olympics, and a few years later you're cool with it?!
Once you've pissed me off for being as selfish as this dick, there's no redemption - sorry bro, try me next century.


Universal Meaning

As I scanned the same ol' rack of clothing this morning while getting dressed, it dawned on me that I only own one purple item.
(and my dad bought it for me as a Christmas present three years ago)
It's a puffy vest from Land's End, and I will say in all honesty that it's grown on me - but it's been a long road.

95% of the time, purple clothing (to me) is really fuckin' tacky....very rarely is it that I see a purple cable knit sweater/wool coat and say to myself "that's the thing that's missing from my wardrobe! Who needs groceries when I can traipse around in this thing and soak up the compliments I'm bound to receive!?"
I usually say something along the lines of "UGH - some tacky-ass, brassy blonde would wear that shit to a Thursday night with the girls at Jack Astor's, NOT ME!"

Which got me to thinking - I'm sure SOMEONE has done purple right...right?!
Sure enough, after a quick look through trusty Polyvore, I am convinced that purple is not a doomed colour after all:

Worth My Time

Nicole Miller batwing dress, $440
Yves Saint Laurent slingback sandals, $995
Hermes jewelry, $520
ASOS chunky jewelry, $18
Enamel jewelry, £10
Hermes scarve, $385
Monsoon wool hat, £30

Am I crazy?!
Someone else out there must have a stigma towards a certain colour...maybe it's some psychological thing that has me hating the colour purple because some wee bitch that made fun of me in middle school?
Either way - I am going to make a concerted effort to welcome purple into my wardrobe with open arms.


Priorities, man!

I've never been to New York City. The closest I've ever come is Tonawanda, NY. Doesn't mean that I'm in the dark about the wonderful items that're available to those lucky enough to live/frequent the city though! I've been eyeing this bakery from afar, and am delighted that a cookbook of all of their famous recipes has come down the pipe.
Let's talk about another pipe dream of mine - A MINI DONUT MAKER!!!! I was cursed with a rotund physique, so I can't help but pad out my skeleton w/ dough, and sugar....I CAN'T CONTROL MYSELF - IT'S IN MY BLOOOOOD!!

Want to know what else I have in my blooood?!?!
Here's the REAL final countdown: