I read about this on Garconniere's blog.
She gives a great summary on the doc, and I highly recommend you watch it for yourself if you find yourself with 25 minutes to spare.

the fat body (in)visible from Margitte Kristjansson on Vimeo.


Perry Farrell has a reality show!?!??!

Day 16 and counting...

Day 10
Sometimes it doesn't even seem like a challenge to try and take a photo of Misu where she looks super stoned.

Day 11

Day 12
I've been eagerly awaiting this PERTH ascot ever since I hit the purchase button on etsy.
Thank you YarnOverMovement - I can't wait to wear it, and get complimented up the wazoo!

Day 13
Babysat two kids on Friday night - both of which were an integral part in our wedding weekend (SNEAK PEEK! To the purists of the 365 project - this photo is from mid September 2010 c/o Neil Rough)

Day 14
My first ever FULL weekend off in over 2 years - so it calls for a whole lotta Larry Sanders Show, and eating ice cream in your pyjamas at 4 in the afternoon.

Day 15
White Chicks on channel 8 - the signs of a bumpin' Saturday night!!

Day 16
Made mushroom soup that is hopefully a lot more edible than some of my other meals...

On a completely unrelated note, please let me introduce you to the most puzzling band of 2011.....if you think they're the greatest thing since the introduction of the phrase Weather Dong , please enlighten me as to what you see in them. I couldn't help myself from laughing hysterically


Day 10 and counting...

Day 4

Recreating the classic "St. Hubert Chicken Sandwich" is a full-time job!

Day 5

Finding toiletries from your teens is a great kick in the pants when you think you have your hoarding under control...

Day 6

"With rocks" is my absolute favourite way to spend my lunch hour

(I can hear you chanting NEEEEEEERRRDDDDDD - one of my New Years resolutions is to take that in stride)

Day 7

Marco busily prepared for "Man Night" - which is a great time for me to get out of the city (unless I want to wake up in a house that smells like the inside of an empty beer can)

Day 8


Day 9


Why I'm sad to see 2010 go...

- I married the love of my life
- I feel closer to my family than I ever have before
- I bought things I didn't need
- I got rid of a lot of stuff
- I learned to fish (from my dad's best friend)
- I took a sewing class
- I splurged
- I saved
- I gave up on Facebook
- I wore out my favourite pair of shoes
- I focused on doing my own thing
- I started my baking/etsy business
- I read organizational magazines, but more often than not had a less than tidy home
- I took up spinning
- I discovered how much fun charity work can be
- I said goodbye to working several jobs to pay the bills, and welcomed a full-time job into my life
- I had my fortune told


Day 2 of 365

I wonder how I would have turned out if this had been my local playground?
It was hard to tear me away as a grown adult....

A New Years Resolution stairwell was scouted out in High Park yesterday - if you camp out in front of this monster, my fingers are crossed that you'll see me attempting to exercise AT LEAST once during the course of 2011

How embarrassing to still have your holiday paraphernalia up well into 2011

Not even the cat would look at the camera to acknowledge that she lives in a home that still has the Christmas tree up

A Paranormal State marathon was soon to follow - but then we got greedy....
With a freezer full of uneaten appetizers, we decided to throw these bad boys in the oven

Little did we know that we'd both spend Day 3 of 365 being violently ill all night/day
Please don't expect much photographic evidence from the following day which was spent napping, groaning, and wishing the coconut shrimp hadn't been so delicious.....


Day 1 of 365

Slept in because I COULD!!
Misu happily joined us

There's a reason why you don't conquer the kitchen after your guests leave....

First tragedy of 2011
(Unfortunately, my prized Medieval Times margarita goblet saw it's last party)
I guess I'll have to make it a New Years Resolution to replace my daintiest of all glasses.

AMC was having a 24 "3 Stooges" marathon.
I grew up watching it every weekend w/ my father - so I was glued.

Supplying your guests with mountains of food lends itself well to waking up the next morning to cold, hard cash in your fridge!