"If Wishes Were Pennies...."

Celebrity Shoe Closets

Mariah Carey

Jamie Lynn Sigler

Christina Aguilera

Big Boi

Kimora Lee Simmons

I can't wait to show everyone my "shoe closet"!
(to be honest, as of this very moment, my shoe rack is a wine rack that I turned on it's side - it's functional!)

I'm looking forward to my resolution geared towards taking more photos of my day-to-day lifestyle. I'll make sure that an extensive look at my shoe collection (90% of which never sees the outside world) is given it's due time.


My Top 2 Style Icons

Loulou (an English designer who has inspired me tenfold with her adorable line, Loulou Loves You)

I've had many a morning where I'm standing in front of all of my clothes, and all that comes to mind is "What Would Miss Piggy Do?" (WWMPD)


Goals for the coming year

1. Host a murder mystery dinner party
2. Get my passport, and start travelling already!
3. Take a pattern making course, so I can put my new found sewing skills to use
4. Get back the body I had when I was in roller derby
5. Learn to take REAL days off from work
6. Go for afternoon tea and/or Get a manicure/pedicure once a month
7. Sign myself up for a creative writing course
8. Start taking (and posting) more photos for the blog (maybe even attempt to do the 365 project)?
9. Read (at least) one book a month
10. Dedicate a corner of our "closet" room to become my craft corner - and get back to being as creative as I have been in past years
11. Start a new collection (I'll probably aim for terrariums, but simply end up w/ more plants - FINE BY ME)
12. Take my etsy business / interest in baking more seriously
13. Play the piano more often
15. Wear all the damn high heeled shoes that I own!!!
16. Host a garage sale where I get rid of a bunch of my crap (I'm a closet minimalist)
17. Wake up earlier in the morning so that I can slap some makeup on my face!
(I always feel better w/ it on...why not make a concerted effort to make it happen?!)


Winona Ryder "The Dying Swan"

All signs should point to me hating this movie (Natalie Portman? Check! Pushy Parent forcing their child to live out their repressed dream? Check! Predictable Girl on Girl make-out scene? Check!) BUT I'M STOKED TO SEE THIS IN THEATRES!
And unless there's a surprise cameo by both Kirsten Dunst, and Devendra Banhart IT WON'T SUCK AS MUCH AS IT COULD!


Life items that I've been digging

Lazer Hair Removal (My first "groupon" type purchase!!!)
Get ready world - no mo' hate for the sun glaring through the streetcar window in the AM
This nail polish that rockets me back to a time when I thought colours like baby blue nail polish "worked for me" - I love it, but I have a funny feeling the lady suits who share the elevator with me think differently
I used to hate on these things, as I associated them w/ soggy tofu, and essential oils that reeked. My opinions have turned on these lil' guys. I wouldn't mind one plunked on my desk, to make it appear as though I like to take care of myself


This is where the magic happens...

4 years ago I liked...

(Makes me seem like I was on psychedelics the whole time, huh?)

Since then I've let my hair sprout (sorry coupe bizarre), my fashion sense refine slightly, and my snark expand.

Hopefully 4 years from now I'm living the dream of selling bath fizzies, candles, and baked goods off the Internet from my remote flossy cabin in the middle of nowhere.
If MTV Cribs Canada can feature some of the sad saps I've seen them feature (I have to watch something while I eat my cereal in the morning), then I should be on their hit list by the time I'm ready to open my home to prying eyes.


Inspired by The National Dog Show

Dogs that made me laugh while taking in the show


Australian Shepherd

(hilarious because the one that qualified for the"best in show" category was named Beyoncé)


(the announcer lovingly referred to it as "the one that looks like a cigar blew up in it's face")

Bull Terrier

Scottish Terrier

(they look like dusters when their belly hair skims the ground)


(this is similar to that kid growing up who was dressed by their parents - aka me)