In my night-tee!

How long has it been since YOU'VE been to the dentist?
For me, it was a cool 8+ years, that was finally met with a gracious gift of a trip to the dentist.
For the past 2 weeks now, I have been to the dentist more than a handful of times, and just yesterday we started the "repairative" treatments.
Not having been to the dentist for a prolonged period of time, I had thankfully forgotten all of the reasons why we fear the dentist.
But thanks to my recent visits, all of those fears have reappeared.
The second I sat down in "the chair," a dental dam type thing was shoved in my mouth, as the dentist told me:
"It's so that the loose bits of teeth that I drill out don't fall into your mouth, and you swallow them!"
Freezing of my teeth took place.
Drilling also took place.
At one point, he stopped, made an audible sniffing noise, and questioned:

Round #9586094802 is set for early February.
If you see me in the streets, buy me some jello - cool?!

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