29 before 30

So I'm turning the big 3-0 in 2012...and I figured I'd make a list of goals to accomplish before the year's end - HERE GOES:

1. Finally visit New York City
2. Conquer my debt!
3. Complete Couch to 5k app
4. Run a 5k
5. Take a creative writing course
6. Take an improv comedy class
7. Wear all the makeup/high heels that I own!
8. Make a new friend
9. Read at least one book a month
10. Visit Anna in CA
11. Throw 2nd annual American Thanksgiving celebration
12. Make a hard cover book of our wedding photos
13. Take my etsy site more seriously, and update at least once every 2 months
14. Learn to have a more positive outlook in my day to day life
15. Become a Big Sister of Toronto
17. (as mentioned earlier) Do not buy one article of clothing unless 100% necessary
18. Take a hip hop dance class (and stop dancing awkwardly at weddings!)
19. Learn how to do a tarot card reading
20. Have the forethought to make Christmas presents for people in 2012
21. Post on my blog at least once a week
22. Host a board game night
23. Frame everything that's hanging on our walls
24. Keep an offline journal
25. Lose 25lbs
26. Learn how to paint
27. Overcome my dislike for Bikram yoga
28. Visit a psychic
29. Find out more about my dad's elusive childhood


Erin said...

Rock on sistah!! Let me know if you need moral support in any or all of these. I'm there for ya! A number of these overlap with the resolutions I'm flopping around in my head.

annie said...

Good ones! Holy ambitious. I thought my 2 biggies were TONS. I love 1 to 10. Use Blurb.com for 12! 13,14,21,24,25,28,29. All great, great ideas

lemme know if you do the improv class. I've been silent coaching myself into that for so long

taco bella said...


PIZZA said...

I've looked into improv classes at Second City, and unless I want to drop $300+/term to enroll in their Improvisation Program, I'm going to take the first step and try a class or two of their drop-in Improv (every Monday night 6-8pm for $5)

I'd love the company, if you're up for it!

PIZZA said...