Who doesn't want another wishlist?

Christmas is approaching, and things have been pretty slow at work (which leaves me with a lot of "researching" to do) - here are my findings:

A Grilled Pork Banh Mi Sandwich for the 365 days ahead of me in 2012!(they're my new "thing", so please bear with me....)

Sephora's Deluxe Fragrance Sampler

ASOS AMOS Velvet Chelsea Ankle Boots in Navy

Tokyo Milk "Excess" from the Femme Fatale Collection

This Dannijo necklace ($945 later....)

A dream chandelier to hang over my dream tub!

All wishing aside, I really don't need a thing.
I'll even let you in on one of my New Year's Resolutions (which isn't saying much, as I don't think I've ever stuck it out with one):
- to not purchase even ONE item of clothing unless it is 100% necessary (i.e. crotch rips in pants which would require immediate replacement)

I'm hoping that I can actually make this resolution work, as I have a plentiful mountain of clothes that I've carefully curated over the years - TIME TO PUT IT TO GOOD USE, PALS!
I think I might also take another kick at the can with that 365 project I attempted last year.
Am I crazy to still believe in the good ol' tradition of having New Year's Resolutions?


Erin said...

As soon as possible in 2012 we need to hang out, eat some Vietnamese sandwiches (which I agree are totally awesome) and talk about NY resolutions. xoxooxo

PIZZA said...