2 horse posts in one month - I'm done now!

Eric Lamaze's equestrian career has certainly had it's ups and downs, and despite my negative opinion towards his work ethics (more on that later), I'm only human, and am deeply moved by his recent misfortunes in regards to the death of his Olympic gold medal mount, Hickstead.

There's actual footage of Hickstead's death floating around on YouTube, and I can only imagine how horrifying it would have been for the crowd in attendance.
I will never be able to bring myself to watch that footage, nor would I ever want to.

Back when I was in over my head horse crazy, Eric Lamaze was a god.
He was a young, studly Canadian Olympian who I adored - then this happened:


As a former equestrian with limited funds (which is the eternal "running up the down escalator"), I was offended that someone would take an opportunity like this for granted.
He had the world in his hands (sponsors, his pick of the best horses in the world, the ability to do this for a LIVING), and he selfishly chose partying over a career.
I was furious that someone would squander a lifestyle that so many could only dream of (myself included).

What made me even more irate was when the country welcomed him back with open arms a few years later, as if nothing had ever happened.
WAKE UP, IDIOTS - he basically flips you the bird by choosing cocaine over the responsibility of representing his country at the Olympics, and a few years later you're cool with it?!
Once you've pissed me off for being as selfish as this dick, there's no redemption - sorry bro, try me next century.

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Erin said...

whoa. He is DEAD to you. Good rant. I hate Jian Gomeshi for far less noble reasons.