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As I scanned the same ol' rack of clothing this morning while getting dressed, it dawned on me that I only own one purple item.
(and my dad bought it for me as a Christmas present three years ago)
It's a puffy vest from Land's End, and I will say in all honesty that it's grown on me - but it's been a long road.

95% of the time, purple clothing (to me) is really fuckin' tacky....very rarely is it that I see a purple cable knit sweater/wool coat and say to myself "that's the thing that's missing from my wardrobe! Who needs groceries when I can traipse around in this thing and soak up the compliments I'm bound to receive!?"
I usually say something along the lines of "UGH - some tacky-ass, brassy blonde would wear that shit to a Thursday night with the girls at Jack Astor's, NOT ME!"

Which got me to thinking - I'm sure SOMEONE has done purple right...right?!
Sure enough, after a quick look through trusty Polyvore, I am convinced that purple is not a doomed colour after all:

Worth My Time

Nicole Miller batwing dress, $440
Yves Saint Laurent slingback sandals, $995
Hermes jewelry, $520
ASOS chunky jewelry, $18
Enamel jewelry, £10
Hermes scarve, $385
Monsoon wool hat, £30

Am I crazy?!
Someone else out there must have a stigma towards a certain colour...maybe it's some psychological thing that has me hating the colour purple because some wee bitch that made fun of me in middle school?
Either way - I am going to make a concerted effort to welcome purple into my wardrobe with open arms.

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Erin said...

I don't think you're crazy. I actually have a huge hate-on for purple, too. Can't freaking stand it. Close after that are red (like primary colour red), black, and white. BLECH.