Gripe Central

a) My ass hurts from biking to and from work!
b) I have split ends!
c) I want a morning where I don't have to be anywhere until noon!
d) Friend-making (as an adult) is hard work, and I am a mere amateur!
e) Is there a switch (unbeknownst to me) that makes working out fun?
f) All of my "lady shoes" give me blisters!

On the flip side though:

a) Biking to and from work is less horrendous than taking the streetcar with suits (and I get to wear my sweet chrome helmet)!
b) Now that I have long flowing locks, I no longer get mistaken for a member of the opposite sex (I have many stories...speak up if you want me to recount them)!
c) Complaining about all the hours you have to work is essentially bragging that you have a job, and that is inconsiderate to those not so fortunate - WHADDASHOWOFF!!!
d) My friend roster is healthy, and happily packed with some of the finest people put on this planet. I am super lucky to have the buds I have <3 APPLICATIONS ARE STLL BEING ACCEPTED! NO COMPUTER NERDS OR FANS OF THE OC PLEASE!
e) Complaining about all of your sore, and bulging muscles is better than complaining about the German Sheppard sized gut that wasn't there last summer, right?
f) IT'S SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!


meredith r. mistletoe said...

hahaahaaaaa I hate working out. I hate it so much. Except lately I don't mind and I kind like going to the Y with my bud and doing the gravity machine but I don't know why it's okay by me all of a sudden.

also, befriending people is such hard work but I'm pretty good at it, a little too good like then I end up with all these friends who I'm not even sure I really like.
Wow, my life is hard.

PIZZA said...

Please consider teaching an online class re: friend-making