Two local establishments that have since moved on from being my neighbours (R.I.P little buddies)

The U Done Know Lounge

Picture this: Neighbourhood bar, the owner was born in the island of Jamaica, but is extremely well-traveled and cultured. His current bar staff are very diversified, and down-to-earth. The name is going to be changed to U Done Know Lounge, and the concept is a Queen Street West vibe.

Now...other than the whole "Queen West Vibe," it was actually this sweet hub where really hot dreads would hang 24/7.

The 12:30

The local hangout for those who preferred mouthwash to Patrone, and liked their bars to have Cool and Buzz on tap. If you were to bring a group of more than 5, the bartender would have to bust out the wine glasses, in order for everyone in your party to drink from a glass.

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Jodie said...

I love Cool beer!

Served only at the finest establishments!