Songs that you used to make you go nuts in high school, that now make you dry heave in embarassment........311!!!

So this is my epic-fuckin' foray into this here bloggin' world, ya dig?!

A calm, and relaxing way for me to get through the day without burning holes in the backs of peoples heads that I hate.

The colder the temperature gets, the dumber/more aggressive/scary the people who use the TTC get.
This morning, I retired my bike, in favour of taking the popular 8:30am train Eastbound to St.George.
I boarded, and was immediately shoved towards one of those 'brones that leans up against the whole subway pole. This bitch wasn't just gingerly holding onto the rail like the unspoken rules say you should - nope!!! She was doing the full on "I hope no one else needs to hold onto this pole as we jostle along to our destination - cause my privileged side needs aaalllllllll-o-dis" stance.

Needless to say, she got a good taste of my super large tote bag the whole time that we were standing next to one another.


If there's a patient soul out there who's willing to explain to me how to put up YouTube videos, or how to not cluster all of your hilarious pictures at the top of the page (and instead, neatly scatter them throughout) - it'd be much appreciated!

I tried the whole "Help" link....but really?!


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Jodie said...

TLC's "Creep" was totally my jams!