Several worlds collided last night, as I was graciously invited to be someones plus one at the event of the year......SAMANTHA RONSON (fingers crossed for Lindsay Lohan, because really now - who wants just the former?!?!!) DJs IN FRONT OF A CROWD OF PEOPLE THAT DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRESS THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!
Frat boys, American Apparel employees, ~*~*bubblez_69*~*~@hotmail.com, and all those that're too old to be "partying" with the latter, but are too weighed down in their date rape drugs to notice - EEERRR'BODY WAS PRESENT AT THIS GEM OF AN EVENT LAST NIGHT!!!!
The DJs prior to Ms. Ronson sounded like they stayed up sssuuuuuppper late one night, and taped their set off of Z103.5 (minus the DMX song, I liked that one!) but the real disappointment had nothing to do with the star of the event.
It was the lame crowd, full of overly stimulated babies that really irked me.
Between the teen girls who wore full-priced Urban Outfitters made-to-order outfits, and the 40 year old woman, who reminded me of Kim Cattrell in her "pant suit w/ exposed bra" phase, who was furiously hitting on me (FREE SMIRNOFF ICE FOR THE FAT CHICK IN THE BACK!!!!!) I had too much to take in, in order to do a proper "report back to you" blog entry!
Next time I'm put in a situation where I'm standing next to a VIP roped off leather couch area full of Bay Street movers and shakers, that look like they're strung out on PCP, I'll remember what I am fond of in life - SLOTHS AND ICE CREAM!!!