The tax return that's never coming is going towards one of these...

Something you may not know about me yet:
I like to bake.
Whenever there's a free moment in the day, and I'm not tackling a mountain of laundry, I'm baking.
I'm the first to pipe up if there's a function, and a baked good is required.
And if there are no functions - I'll suggest one, just so I can push myself into the kitchen, and create some hilarious looking frosted creation.
I will say that I'm not the most skilled baker in the world (re: anyone that witnessed my attempt at making a "cactus cake"), but I haven't given up trying. And when I stumbled upon the Clara French site, it made me want to try even harder to make a cake pretty enough to be placed on one of these stands.
I couldn't dream of a more perfect batch of cake stands if I tried!!!!!!!!
This site is an absolute beaut.
The music is perfectly chosen, and the products are beyond words.
Please indulge my fascination/obsession for a moment: