Lucite Heels and I will never be one

I've always been of the mindset of "work with what you've got," so I'm finding it a little unnerving that I have a sudden interest in fake hair, and fake nails.
Realistically though - something like this is completely unattainable, and it makes me lust for them that much more:
I can hardly paint my nails (on a good day) without the finished product looking like I did them in the dark, on the back of a motorcycle - so why not venture into the land of acrlylic?!
It's not like I'm going to try them on once, and suddenly take a turn down FAB-U-LOUS lane.....right?! I tend to think that my stylish taste falls on the "dainty, and refined" side of the spectrum. PLEASE ADVISE IF I'M DELUSIONAL AND HAVE STUMBLED STRAIGHT ONTO GHETTO BOULEVARD!

Same goes for my fascination with fake hair....I'm not looking to attach a mongoose to my head, and exit a salon looking this this:
Think more this:ok...bad example!
Miami beach babe is not a look I'm going for - I just admire their dedication to the look they've chosen for themselves.
The countless hours it must take to keep all of that shit from falling off?!
You've impressed at least one person who could never pull any of it off!

And believe me, if ever I build up enough courage to try one or the other, I'll be self-concious enough for the two of us whenever I'm out in public, for fear that something would unhinge, unbeknowst to me (re: toupé in the wind)

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meredith r. mistletoe said...

If anyone could get me hair that looks like Blake Lively's, fake or no, I would take it for sure!