Luxurious items in U.S. dollars

I'm staying at my parents this weekend, as both of their birthdays happen to be one after another.
After the initial "home for the weekend" routine has taken place (long hot bath, laundry, scour the fridge for expensive cheeses), the next step is to sit with the family in the living room, and catch up with my good friend catalogue.
Restoration Hardware
Neiman Marcus
Hammacher Schlemmer
I'm busy for hours, looking at things I could never afford!

In other news, cutting my hair is a thing of the past.
Soon, my mammoth hair will swallow my neck, and the only accessory I will need is conditioner.

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nikisaint said...


i cannot wait to see this hair!

mine has since departed-- in a moment of intense need for change, and thinning scissors at my disposal.

and i don't hhhaaate it.

how long is ur hair now? can i put a weave in for u? huh? huh?