Final Destination: Omemee, ON

FULL OF RAIN (thank you trusty zipcar for getting us through the worst of it), MUD, AND HIPPIES:

Our much revered ride on a monster truck (I've been talking this shit up for MONTHS) has left me bewildered, and confused with people who own their own business.

Yes, it was a) a blast, b) an adventure - that saw me stopping and asking at least 3 different Mac's Milks for directions - Highway 7 almost got the best of me, and c) something that makes you sound pretty cool when you're recounting what you did over the weekend.

But the bad really did outweigh the good in this situation.
Yeah bro - it's pretty swell that you found yourself a niche market that really can't be duplicated without access to a bitcin' monster truck, and 20 acres of land - but geez, guy.....can you work on your customer service skills, and maybe try and gussy up the property with a sign (so it doesn't feel like we're driving down the country lane way of an axe murderer)?!?!

Thankfully, a mixture of too much coffee, and a clearing sky, made the day a success.


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Erin said...

omg that looks so dangerous!!!!