We can all strive to be better people....

We're almost 3 months into 2011, and I can already chalk up 2-3 failures (365 project, quitting my guitar classes, and not sticking 100% to my new eating habits), but I refuse to take that as a "don't try new things - you're just going to quit!" sign.

1. The 365 project is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, when I first decided to give it a whirl. The truth is, I don't do exciting, photo-worthy things everyday. Sure I could take pictures of the cat day in, day out, but I wanted this project to get me out of the house, and experience more of life that was worth taking pictures of. But the more time passed, the more I realized that my day-to-day life is quite steady, and repetitive. Maybe once the warmer weather picks up, I'll be a bit more adventurous, but as of right now, I doubt that you'd want to see my desk/lunch/workout regime/seat on the streetcar. EVEN I'M READY FOR A BIT OF A REFRESHER!

2. Guitar (night school) classes at Central Tech.
I wanted to like it - I tried for 3 weeks before the bad outweighed the good. In the end, the teacher stunk, the class was too big, and my hands fell victim to being sensitive, winter hands that couldn't take the heat (or lack thereof). Sorry world, my musical prowess will have to stay bottled up for the time being. These hands just weren't meant to shred.

3. I've been "reubenesque" my whole life. Never has a day gone by where I've been 100% care-free in my own skin. I'm a pretty confident person, but it sucks when all that's standing in the way is your huge gut. I can also say that for the better part of my life, I've tried to stay as physically active as I can. There comes a tipping point every year or so where I get so fed up w/ my appearance that I try a new activity (and my fingers are crossed that THIS one will finally be the thing that makes me a size 8).
At the beginning of this year, I made a deal with myself that I would get in touch with a dietitian, and finally try and nip this thing in the bud for good.
Phone calls were made, and a meal plan came shortly after. I bought the shitty whey powder, I stocked up on stinky b complex vitamins, but when everyone around you is enjoying what they're eating - IT'S REALLY TOUGH TO STICK TO WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE EATING!
I think I have the exercise-side of life figured out - but I'm still working out the kinks when it comes to pizza vs. salad.
I'm not giving up, but I definitely can try harder, so this is me reminding myself of that.

Sorry for this being a total downer of a blog post.
I too would much rather look at sloths, Internet fashion, and shitty YouTube rappers.
I'll follow this up with something great, I promise!




annie said...

I hear ya dude, it's hard to keep stuff up that's against your regular grain. I am still TERRIBLE at my Tracy Anderson DVDs, this is why I haven't been bragging about it.

Keepin fightin the good fight.

Joop Doop said...

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