Keep on chuggin'

I didn't really mean for this to be an on-going thing, but having to photograph items on the back of my toilet meant that it needed to be spotlessly clean...you see, by doing these kinds of posts, it's indirectly FORCING me to deep clean my house - so in the efforts of having a spotless abode, BRING IT ON!!
What else do y'all want to see?!
This episode I have titled "If you run into me on the streetcar in the morning, these are the following items that have helped me along (as of 8:30am):

Argan Oil

Remember a while back when everyone was going ape shit for Moroccan Oil?! Yours truly had a moment or two of justifying spending a good chunk of her pay cheque on hair care, but reality kicked in, and I needed a financially responsible substitute. Welcome, Argan Oil! It has all the fancy qualities of Moroccan Oil, at like...a quarter of the price!

Nivea Face Cream

You've already heard me yammer on about my grandmother's cashmere face thanks to this stuff, so I'll stop myself. It's the best, and doves will mistake your face for heaven when they land on it.


Everyday when I look in the mirror, there is at least ONE hair on my head that is out of place, and annoying the shit out of me - enter scissors.

The Crystal

Long story short: hippie dad introduced me. The weird relationship I had with body odour disappeared the moment I learned how to use this thing. Let's not talk about the embarrassing story involving me not knowing you have to wet the Crystal before applying it to you underarms for the first week of our relationship. whoops!

Idole D'Armani

WELL LA-DEE-DAH, I HAVE A FULL TIME JOB AND CAN BUY A NICE THING OR TWO EVERY BLUE MOON! Truth is: I really hate suuuuper floral fragrances, and if I smell one more vanilla fragrance, I'm going to hurl!

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