Life items that I've been digging

Lazer Hair Removal (My first "groupon" type purchase!!!)
Get ready world - no mo' hate for the sun glaring through the streetcar window in the AM
This nail polish that rockets me back to a time when I thought colours like baby blue nail polish "worked for me" - I love it, but I have a funny feeling the lady suits who share the elevator with me think differently
I used to hate on these things, as I associated them w/ soggy tofu, and essential oils that reeked. My opinions have turned on these lil' guys. I wouldn't mind one plunked on my desk, to make it appear as though I like to take care of myself


knifey said...

how was the laser hair removal? I've been thinking about one of those serious like cellulite wrap/few fat inches reducer whatever procedures I've seen on there. I have a micro-dermabrasion sesh comin up, let ya know how it goes! Although, isn't this just an expensive scrub? Baaaah I'll let cha know

PIZZA said...

For some reason, having hair blasted off my face seems a lot less scary than micro-dermabrasion.
I'm curious what will happen to your pores....do they get a breath of fresh air for a certain number of days, before reality starts creepin' in again?