Goals for the coming year

1. Host a murder mystery dinner party
2. Get my passport, and start travelling already!
3. Take a pattern making course, so I can put my new found sewing skills to use
4. Get back the body I had when I was in roller derby
5. Learn to take REAL days off from work
6. Go for afternoon tea and/or Get a manicure/pedicure once a month
7. Sign myself up for a creative writing course
8. Start taking (and posting) more photos for the blog (maybe even attempt to do the 365 project)?
9. Read (at least) one book a month
10. Dedicate a corner of our "closet" room to become my craft corner - and get back to being as creative as I have been in past years
11. Start a new collection (I'll probably aim for terrariums, but simply end up w/ more plants - FINE BY ME)
12. Take my etsy business / interest in baking more seriously
13. Play the piano more often
15. Wear all the damn high heeled shoes that I own!!!
16. Host a garage sale where I get rid of a bunch of my crap (I'm a closet minimalist)
17. Wake up earlier in the morning so that I can slap some makeup on my face!
(I always feel better w/ it on...why not make a concerted effort to make it happen?!)

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