Celebrity Shoe Closets

Mariah Carey

Jamie Lynn Sigler

Christina Aguilera

Big Boi

Kimora Lee Simmons

I can't wait to show everyone my "shoe closet"!
(to be honest, as of this very moment, my shoe rack is a wine rack that I turned on it's side - it's functional!)

I'm looking forward to my resolution geared towards taking more photos of my day-to-day lifestyle. I'll make sure that an extensive look at my shoe collection (90% of which never sees the outside world) is given it's due time.

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annie said...

people get fuckin mental with shoes like this! I don't get it. I've never gotten the "shoes fetish" thing and I can't believe I even just said that (sf). I'm gonna go make a cosmopolitan and read cosmopolitan now, LOLOLOL ;) ;) FUCKING WINKY FACE