"What's your name, lil' angel?" "Cassandra.....TAXIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

The most exciting thing that happened to me this weekend? Finding something to take the mold/mildew off the ceiling of my shower. The heaven's have sung, and the title of their song is Tilex.

Thank you, Guy Anderson, for sharing your YouTube searching expertise with me on that faithful Friday night. What started out as an innocent attempt at going to this:
Fri Apr 3, 8:00 pm - Sat Apr 4, 3:00 am
Motown Party @ 751, 751 Queen St. W Motown swingin' and some remix action-$5

turned into a very crammed location, with teenage girls who'd never heard of the simple hairstyle, entitled "the ponytail."
When your hair is sticking to me?! It's time for me to jet!
Embarassingly enough, that was probably the first time I've been to a crowded bar, in a few monthes...which leads me to a challenge that has been given to me:
Once the weather gets nice, I will be throwing myself into a different social situation, at least once a week, in hopes that I can meet people, who I will eventually want to befriend.
I totally need to do this, but it's also beginning to freak me out.
You see, going out and "making friends" never really works for me. I usually make sure that I know at least two people at an event, and then I coast with them. Having people to latch onto (although I'm sure it annoys the shit out of them), really helps me not flip out when in public.
I'll be the one hyperventilating in the corner, trying to woo potential bros.

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