Remember the time...

when I placed an ad on Craigslist - wanting to be a part of a band....ANY BAND!!
An agreement was reached between a nice sounding individual, and myself, that I would meet them outside of Coxwell station, and I would in turn, "jam" with their band.
Never was the topic of musical genres approached, so I was left in the dark regarding what I would be faced with.
The mystical day came around, and I gussied myself up to the enth degree.
Nervously, I stood at Coxwell station, until I saw them.
Moon boots.
Red, goth moon boots - attached to an eerie looking goth chick with those neon dread extensions.
"OK," I thought.
"Maybe she's the one who dares to remain her 1998 self - until the end of time. MAAAYYBBEEEE, everyone else in the band will look like me?!?"

I was faced with an electronic drum kit, and a basement apartment full of fishnet
I sucked it up, and endured the 3 hour practice.

The Pussycat Dolls are rehearsing over my head, and I think I've heard that EAR BLEEDINGLY BAD "Jai Ho" song more than necessary
Some dude who works nearby just walked by muttering, "Stupid broads aren't even Irish"


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Jodie said...

yeah whatever PIZZA you told us you kinda actually liked that rehearsal!!!

Stop being a non poser poser!

I dont even know what that meanz!