For those of you who frequent the "Theatuuuhhhh"....

Do certain things throughout the production bug you so much, that you find yourself totally distracted, and unable to concentrate on the play itself?
I'm not much of a cultured soul, I will admit it - but when the middle aged woman behind you is chortling CONSTANTLY for over 2 hours, and SO CLOSE to your fuckin' head, you can feel her warm, smug breath against your neck every time she lets out a guffaw!!?!?!?!??!
Sure, perhaps I didn't get the same obscure James Joyce reference that you do - but YOU PAID FOR A WHOLE SEAT....USE IT!!!!!!! Don't go breathin' down my neck, like I want to feel how amused you are with the production!
My thumbs go up to the costume and set designers, as that kept my mind off of smacking a certain someone sitting behind me.
I also noticed that there was a Robert Munsch themed play being put on in the same theatre....maybe I'm more cultured than I had previously thought!

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emily said...

LOL. People like that make me crazy- so amused by themselves that the rest of us can stuff it.