top gun (part deux)

Currently experiencing something called a "day off" - feels pretty great to be in my pyjamas at 11:15 in the morning...also feels pretty comforting to get back to having enough time to visit the ol' blog.
It's not that I've been super ramped up with social engagements - I've just taken a liking to not being around the computer after a full (computer filled) workday.

Don't worry guys, I'll catch you up to my daily routine.
Here goes:
wake up, commute, work, pilates, commute, watch an episode or two of whatever TV show I'm trying to catch up on, fall asleep halfway through.

But in the coming few weeks I'll have a bunch of photos to share (hopefully)! There will be a long weekend trip to a pal's farmhouse, a camping expedition to Long Point Provincial Park, a Labour Day weekend at Lumina Resort, and the ever-so talked up trip to Omeme, ON for MONSTER TRUCKS!!!

Once all that is said and done, it'll be September - which (for me at least) is an excuse to go out and get: a) a haircut b) new shoes c) additions to the fall wardrobe d) all of the above.

It's never too early to start looking...after all, what the hell else am I supposed to be doing on a day off?!

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annie said...

loooowuwuwuwuwuwuve that watch.