Day 2 of 365

I wonder how I would have turned out if this had been my local playground?
It was hard to tear me away as a grown adult....

A New Years Resolution stairwell was scouted out in High Park yesterday - if you camp out in front of this monster, my fingers are crossed that you'll see me attempting to exercise AT LEAST once during the course of 2011

How embarrassing to still have your holiday paraphernalia up well into 2011

Not even the cat would look at the camera to acknowledge that she lives in a home that still has the Christmas tree up

A Paranormal State marathon was soon to follow - but then we got greedy....
With a freezer full of uneaten appetizers, we decided to throw these bad boys in the oven

Little did we know that we'd both spend Day 3 of 365 being violently ill all night/day
Please don't expect much photographic evidence from the following day which was spent napping, groaning, and wishing the coconut shrimp hadn't been so delicious.....

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