Day 16 and counting...

Day 10
Sometimes it doesn't even seem like a challenge to try and take a photo of Misu where she looks super stoned.

Day 11

Day 12
I've been eagerly awaiting this PERTH ascot ever since I hit the purchase button on etsy.
Thank you YarnOverMovement - I can't wait to wear it, and get complimented up the wazoo!

Day 13
Babysat two kids on Friday night - both of which were an integral part in our wedding weekend (SNEAK PEEK! To the purists of the 365 project - this photo is from mid September 2010 c/o Neil Rough)

Day 14
My first ever FULL weekend off in over 2 years - so it calls for a whole lotta Larry Sanders Show, and eating ice cream in your pyjamas at 4 in the afternoon.

Day 15
White Chicks on channel 8 - the signs of a bumpin' Saturday night!!

Day 16
Made mushroom soup that is hopefully a lot more edible than some of my other meals...

On a completely unrelated note, please let me introduce you to the most puzzling band of 2011.....if you think they're the greatest thing since the introduction of the phrase Weather Dong , please enlighten me as to what you see in them. I couldn't help myself from laughing hysterically

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