Christmas in July

All photos c/o Lauren Moffatt

Everything is so.....CUTE!!!!
I remember the one time I attempted to wear white (it was more of a cream colour, but who's taking notes?) - I was meeting a pair of pals for our ritual "breakfast at whole foods to make us feel fancy in the AM" meet up.
It was somewhere in and around February, and the slush on Avenue Road was at it's peak.
I had successfully made it through breakfast without spilling anything on myself (MILESTONE).
We say our goodbyes, and I head from the subway to make it to work on time.
Five steps from the steps leading down into the subway and SPPLLOOOOOSSSHHHH!!!!!, a car speeds past me, and uproots a month worth of slush onto my carefully thought out "ooohhh - who do I think I am wearing white in the winter months?!" outfit.
Needless to say, I had to make a quick detour, only to arrive to work 40 minutes late, and in jeans and a t-shirt.
Thank goodness I have a boss that understands my weird obsessions.

All I need to perfect these looks are pins that go on for miles, and a rosier complexion.

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