Shit that keeps me going

- Looking at peoples handiwork on Apartment Therapy
- Getting closer and closer to staying at the Madonna Inn in California
- Befriending 60+ year old guys at work (we usually bond over the Steve Miller Band)
- The A&E show, Paranormal State, and it's ability to keep me locked in front of the TV for 4 hours straight
- The countdown to the inevitable day where I will break down and buy a pair of Marni heels
- my fingers will remain crossed until I win the lottery, and can return to my childhood past time on a full time basis
- True buds
- The Pink Lady of Eureka! Please join me in gazing into the vortex:

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Erin said...

i luv the otters :) so cute. I really needed some chill fluffy mammals right now . . . mmmm I miss Fattie when I'm a work.