Gotta pass the foggy-glassed, smoke filled bar to get to paradise

Since it's Sunday, and I don't feel like doing much other than taking the occasional nap, I ventured to my local Shoppers Drug Mart where I did one of my favourite weekend activities - browsing their magazine section (and along the way...their wall of Halloween candy/decor).
I departed with the latest In Style magazine w/ Katherine Heigl on the cover (P-YUCK), and made my way home, where I shed my weekend attire (outdoor, walking pyjamas), got back into my XL long sleeve waffle knit shirt, and sweatpants, and haggled with the cat for my favourite corner of the couch.
Sifting through the perfume ads, and the editor's pick for this months favourite $6000 bag.
Here is my modest $1500 pick:

c/o Celine

All purses aside, the magazine featured an article where individuals "in the biz" were asked to divulge their favourite products, vacations spot, and (my favourite) style icons.
So what if they flubbed hard by putting whatsherface on the cover! They certainly made up for it by putting these babes inside the magazine:

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annie said...

walking pyjamas!!!!!!!! hahaha, sigh they finally have a place in vocabulary