My generation has wrecked tattoos for me...

(I'd love to see this guy, pictured above, when he's 65, with his shitty-ass wrinkled chest boom box, trying to explain the significance to his grandchildren)

I guess what really miffs me about the "I JUST TURNED 22, AND THERE'S NOT A STITCH OF SKIN LEFT THAT ISN'T TATTOOED!" is that they're not thinking anyone but themselves (and even then, they're not stopping to think about their futures).

I understand that if you work in an industry that has you working from home / in a creative environment, you're pretty much left to your own devices.
But think about 20 years down the road.....do you really think you're going to be able to keep the title of "musician/model/stylist," while paying off a mortgage, and contributing to your RRSP?!
I'll be the first to congratulate those that do!!! You've seized your passion, and you've made it work.
But for a lot of us, we have to moonlight as business casual office workers during the day.

For those of us who are city dwellers, perhaps you've noticed the influx.
Living out your 20s and 30s in the big city is a great idea - I 100% agree.
It's a fantastic feeling when you move away from home, and finally feel like you've found a place where you truly belong. But as soon as you consider "settling down," trying to blend in with the other suburbanites (where you thought it might be best to raise your young family), might be a bit more difficult with that "gnarly" Wesley Willis back piece (R.I.P.)

I will agree that "times are changing," and it's a lot more socially acceptable than ever before. But I'm starting to find myself clumping all young adults with a majority of their body tattooed in the same category.

those glasses are tattooed onto his fucking face.


annie said...

ever notice how often they all have THE SAME TATTOOS too? Cartoony looking diamonds. Wow! Sailor something or other. Outstanding!! DICE FLAMES CURVY NAKED BROAD KNIFE THROUGH AN APPLE, OR WHATEVER, full sleeves always shares 50%+ of the exact same items. Slow clap for originality dude

PIZZA said...

Yeah, guy - or their fascintation w/ exploding hearts, and stupid looking owls?!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

I hate it when your guys get covered so quickly, I don't mind the idea of all over tattooing but your only illustrating one very short time period in your life, why not develop it over years with meaningful things, if you feel you have to do it at all. I totally agree with annie that they are nearly all the same too, whats the point. My husband has 4 (hes 23) but he did think about what he wanted for a while and they are all smallish so havent taken over his body. 1. Tribal band which he kinda regrets 2. 4 red roses on his inside arm. To symbolise Earth and they act as a background to 3. Sheet music of the first 4 bars of Paranoid by Black Sabbath his all time fav song and 4. Inverted purple flames on his leg to symbolise Fire. He intends to have a chinese water dragon weaving through the waves for Water and stormy clouds above as Air. But he is waiting so he is sure. I have told him if he finishes the one leg I dont want him getting anymore and he has agreed luckily. Daisy Dayz Home

Jodie said...

I agree with all dis!!!
However just to be devil's advocate - by the time we are seniors there are going to be a lot of wrinkly people in the same inky boat. Therefor perhaps a little more socially acceptable to look as if your grandchildren let loose on you with a stamp-pad.