Back to schooolllll

Want to hear what I'm up to these next few weeks?!?!?!

1. Taking the leap, and getting my hair chopped n' dyed at The Saloon
2. Using a useful Teambuy, and having a whack of floating shelves installed by a handyman
3. Trying out a new gym recommended by a pal
4. DEFY DEATH!!!!! one dirt wheelie at a time.
5. Party with hundreds of like minded women - congratulations, Shannon!
6. Sitting on a set of cold bleachers, while middle aged ladies "show their ponies"
7. Autumnal camping 
8. Dream up my own future


Anonymous said...

You're amazing!!!!

You're CUTTING YOUR HAIR!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Do I need to talk you out of this?

annie said...

cool shtuff! I likes it. Tell about all of it after!